Welcome to the World of Bambrella

Bambrella umbrellas are made from a very special type of carefully-grown plantation bamboo called Moso Bamboo. What sets it apart from other types of bamboo and makes it the perfect structural material for umbrellas is the size of the individual fibres, which are comparable in strength to hardwood timbers such as teak or walnut. The Bambrella “Levante” is our premium range and the most popular bamboo parasol and is suited to commercial use and loved in high-end domestic situations.

Bamboo has many advantages over timber when used for umbrellas. One of these is its natural beauty, another is its flexibility, as bamboo has fantastic flexibility and this makes it an ideal material to construct an umbrella frame from. In strong winds, instead of breaking, it bends. Each Bambrella frame is laminated which perfects the frame with both a beautiful shiny finish as well as making it waterproof and impervious to the elements. This ensures that each umbrella will look great and last a lifetime. To enhance the natural beauty of each umbrella it is carefully assembled using quality 304 Stainless steel fittings and premium quality canopy fabrics.

Other features we know you’ll love about your new Bambrella parasol include;

  • Attention to detail in the finish of each hand-made Bambrella
  • Natural beauty of the bamboo grain enhanced with a laminate finish
  • Patented manufacturing process guarantees you a world class product
  • Protective oil finish to enhance the beautiful golden colour of the bamboo
  • Quality Stainless steel fittings
  • Ecologically grown and harvested ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Strength of hardwood with the flexibility of bamboo

The Bambrella Levante

Bambrella Levante is made from a single-piece pole for extra strength and durability. It has simple, clean classic lines and the use of stainless steel fittings enhances the overall elegance of the design.

The Levante range incorporates a turned bamboo hub and runner with stainless steel brackets, a bamboo finial and an elegant, practical hour glass shaped pin made from bamboo and stainless steel. The covers are attached using a bolt-down stainless steel rib end protector system or alternatively sewn pockets. The ribs and supporting arms are fitted with stainless steel through bolts, making all the parts easily interchangeable.

The Bambrella range comes in three shapes and six sizes as follows:

3m Square, 3.4m Square, 3m Octagonal, 4m Octagonal, 2x3m Rectangular and 2.5×3.5m Rectangular.

The Hurricane by Bambrella

The Hurricane is a state-of-the-art design by Bambrella who have progressed into producing aluminium umbrellas that are possibly the most refined market umbrella available anywhere in the world. Engineered in the United Kingdom, this umbrella was designed to display a stunning minimalist style while at the same time being robust enough to withstand any kind of weather that may be sent its way which means it’s ideal for basically any part of Australia.

Each detail of this flawless series has been engineered resulting in one of the strongest parasol designs on the market and perfect for commercial and domestic situations. The ribs feature interlocking profiles for strength and above-par presentation with a choice of stylised oval or yacht-shaped finial for an added touch of sophistication. This umbrella also features great UV protection and a high level of rain resistance thanks to the premium Spuncrylic Canvas canopy.

The Hurricane is available in two shapes and six sizes as follows:

2.1m Square, 2.6m Square, 3.4m Square, 3m Octagonal, 3.5m Octagonal and 4m Octagonal.